Psalm 119 - Write through the Bible

This year I made the commitment to read through the entire Bible in a year. I've never done this before and actually finished a month, let alone 2! A few weeks back I finished Revelation and jokingly told my husband that I was done with the Bible, I finished it. I had decided to start my reading in 1 Corinthians because that's just where I happened to be reading just after the year started. I also figured that finishing the rest of the New Testament and the smaller books would be a good victory for me and keep me encouraged when I hit the law. I'm just about finished with Genesis now, and to see all of the check marks already on my Table of Contents keeps me motivated.


I really wanted to pick another topical passage, but I also LOVE writing full books and even full chapters. I chose Psalm 119 because it's the longest book in the Bible, and often the one people cringe over. I wanted to be able to write it and find joy in writing it out. There is so much fun packed in these 176 verses.