God's Grace

Last fall we were following someone to lunch after church. I spotted these gorgeous yellow wildflowers that followed the path of the power lines. I knew we couldn’t stop or we would be lost, but I begged John to stop at a later point. I just HAD to go back and capture God’s amazing artwork with my camera later.

When I stop to think about the glory of God in everything it takes my breath away. I start to look at every little flower, tree, cloud, everything differently! The fact that God made it just makes it simply amazing!  I can go overboard and focus on the details and miss the big picture, but I believe there is always a time when you need to focus on the details and see the majesty that God created. Looking at the beauty of one of these flowers makes me realize that God cares about the little things, but when you look up and see a whole field of them, you see a much bigger picture that God painted of his majesty.

I do this with my children too. When I start to look at them as gifts from God, when I think about their creation and existence and that it is because of God’s grace, I start to love and cherish them more. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of grocery store meltdowns and other embarrassing events I’d rather not experience.  But taking time to remember that God created them, they are HIS work, and that means they are full of splendor and majesty as well.

“Full of splendor and majesty is HIS work, and HIS righteousness endures forever” Psalm 111:3