You're not alone

Hope.  Joy.  Peace.  Love.

There are days I struggle with all of those. I feel like I am constantly on the go and forgetting something. Always behind and exhausted. I would like to give you an easy fix right about now, unfortunately I don’t have one. I can tell you you’re not alone. Most likely that mom in the checkout lane with you is feeling the same thing as you.

At one point my youngest really enjoyed screaming while we were in the car line for school pickup. I say that he enjoyed it, because he was always screaming. It wasn't the usual happy scream, it was the “my older brother is unbuckled and I’m not and this is not okay” scream. I also liked to sit in the car line with my windows down and enjoy the cool air, which means everyone could hear him scream. One day in between his screams it hit me, I’m not alone! There was a soft screaming (again – angry scream) coming from another car in the line. I smiled. I often get so excited when I see other parents dealing with misbehaving children. Not because it’s not my kids, but because at that moment I realize I’m not alone.

When you put yourself in a place of isolation it’s never good. You lie to yourself that you are the only one having it hard, that it’s all about you. When in fact it’s not about you at all. When you isolate yourself you begin to judge others of what they think of you, how they act, and the lives they live. I know this, because this is what I want to do. Too often I’ve often judged people without even knowing them, just based on a few behaviors I’ve witnessed. Then I make up a whole story of who they are as a person and totally judge their character when really I am completely wrong. I’ve gotten to know some of the very people I judged and had to confess they aren’t like what I said they were. They’re awesome, and even a little like me. When you see how real others are you realize how much you share; how much they have the same struggles and heartaches as you. You're not alone! God purposefully gave us each other to make it through life. We can lean on others when we are weak. We can encourage others when we are strong. But above all we can "encourage each other daily so that none of you is hardened by sin's deception." Hebrews 3:13