You might be asking yourself "what's raising oranges?"
Well I'm here to answer that.

When I was pregnant with our first child my husband said "if we have a boy, I'm going to dress him in all orange so I don't lose him." Since that time Orange has been a staple color in our house; that is now filled with 4 boys. Another thing my husband has always said is "I'm not raising boys, I'm raising men. You don't have pig farm to raise piglets, no you have a pig farm to raise pigs." The same is true with our children, we don't want bigger sized boys in 18 years, we want to raise Godly men!

Therefore, since we are raising men and our children are dressed in orange I birthed the name Raising Oranges.


Around 2010 I launched my first blog under my shop name, PaperFromHeaven. Raising Oranges was born in 2011 because I was wanting a different space that was more of a lifestyle blog and included content beyond PaperFromHeaven. After maybe a year in I felt burdened down by everything around me. I was at a point in life where I couldn’t continue to be on social media and control what was going on in my life. In a thoughtless moment I deleted everything, from my blogs, facebook, instagram - EVERYTHING! I can honestly tell you, being a hermit was wonderful. What started as a retreat for selfish reasons turned into an unexpected two-year time of growing in Christ. It was through careful prayer and talking with my husband and closest friends that I cautiously reentered the world of social media. Since rejoining society I still have moments of dislike towards social media, which has kept me from relaunching Raising Oranges. For over a year I have kept posts that I've written. Stored them away for a future unknown season when I would someday be ready to share.

Since we moved to North Carolina God has pressed upon me to start telling my story. God has used friends to remind me that He's given me a voice and I have something valid to say. Knowing my husband was going into pastoral ministry I always knew I would have some sort of role where I too would be ministering to people. Honestly, it scared me that I would have an impact in others’ lives as well.

While in the process to get this new site set up my husband said that I should have kept the content from my old blog, I replied “why, it’s not like it was any good” he said “it was, people were reading it, you were reaching people.” That’s when I came to the conclusion that what I write might be more integral to the way I serve others. This is why I have decided that my goal is to encourage moms and young women with Biblical truth in all aspects of your life. I want to let you know that you aren’t alone in this struggle to obey the commands of Christ while daily being told that you are doing everything wrong.