Philippians - write through the Bible

For me writing and meditating God's word is important. I really will not learn it any other way.

All of the Illustrated Faith - drawing in your Bible is awesome. It's just not for me. I would be apt to spend more time trying to make the drawing perfect than actually meditating on God's word. I also really hate how I write most of the time, lets not even get started with how I draw. But knowing and meditating God's word is important.

This month I chose the book of Philippians. Philippians is known for being a resource through suffering. Remember as you write this month that Christ is your strength through everything you face.

You can download a bookmark for yourself here.

I want to challenge you to spend a few more minutes meditating on the Word of God. Add something to your quiet time, change something up. Each month I am going to post a theme of passages or a book that I will be writing through. I want to invite you to write through the Bible with me as well.