Advent - Write through the Bible

Without Easter, Christmas means nothing. This is because Jesus had to die for His birth to be worth while. During the Christmas season we celebrate Christ's coming because He came to fulfill the promise of God to crush sin. Because of sin, Jesus had to become a perfect sinless man and die in the place of sinful men + women.


This month I really want to focus on what the season of Christmas is about. It's about God becoming man. It's about God's love for us that he would make such a sacrifice. I've chosen verses that display the story from the beginning to what we are waiting for now. Verses that begin with the problem that needed to be fixed, the fall of man, the prophecy of the coming of the Christ, and His birth, and finally his return.

You can download a bookmark for yourself here.

I want to challenge you to spend a few more minutes meditating on the Word of God each day. Add something to your quiet time, change something up. Each month I am going to post a theme of passages or a book that I will be writing through. I want to invite you to write through the Bible with me as well.