MERCY - Write through the Bible

Mercy (noun): compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish or harm

Mercy Write through the Bible

I've been thinking about joy, grace, love, faith, and mercy lately. When I've been reading my Bible this year I've been marking each of these words with a different color as they come up. Until last week I didn't know what I wanted to pull out and write about this next month. As I was sitting in Sunday School last week we read 1 Peter 2:9-10 "But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. Once you were not a people, but now you are God’s people; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy." Then it hit me. MERCY. Everything that Jesus suffered on the cross was for me. The punishment that I deserved Jesus took. God has every right to punish sinners purely because of our sin. BUT He forgave us. He forgave me. He forgave you. God offered us all mercy. My hope is to focus on this mercy a little every day and understand the depths of the gift God has given me.

I want to encourage you to try this out too. It takes just a few minutes to write down these passages. I want to challenge you to allow them to burn in your heart all day long. Print out the page below, or save it to your phone for easy access and write through these few passages about MERCY with me!


Psalm 119 - Write through the Bible

This year I made the commitment to read through the entire Bible in a year. I've never done this before and actually finished a month, let alone 2! A few weeks back I finished Revelation and jokingly told my husband that I was done with the Bible, I finished it. I had decided to start my reading in 1 Corinthians because that's just where I happened to be reading just after the year started. I also figured that finishing the rest of the New Testament and the smaller books would be a good victory for me and keep me encouraged when I hit the law. I'm just about finished with Genesis now, and to see all of the check marks already on my Table of Contents keeps me motivated.


I really wanted to pick another topical passage, but I also LOVE writing full books and even full chapters. I chose Psalm 119 because it's the longest book in the Bible, and often the one people cringe over. I wanted to be able to write it and find joy in writing it out. There is so much fun packed in these 176 verses.

JOY - Write through the Bible

Do you have a word for 2018? In the years past, I've never picked a word that will be my "word" for the year. As 2017 came to an end I started thinking about what I wanted to do differently in the new year. I wanted to slow down and read more, I wanted to be more intentional with what God has placed in front of me. I want to be happy and joyful serving exactly where God has me.

Joy - Write through the Bible

While I am frustrated that a month has already passed and I didn't make extravagant changes towards Gospel living, I have continued to be more like Christ. I have made steps in the right direction. I really want to meditate on JOY this month, I want the joy of my salvation restored.

I want to encourage you to try this out too. It takes just a few minutes to write down these passages. I want to challenge you to allow them to burn in your heart all day long. Print out the page below, or save it to your phone for easy access and write through these few passages from Psalm with me!

Did you pick a word for 2018, if so what is it? Is there a topic or book that you would like me to break down so that we can write them out together this year? Let me know in the comments below!

Sermon on the Mount - Write through the Bible

The new year begins in a few short days, with new goals and new dreams. I am picking back up my writing through the Bible and beginning to write and memorize more scriptures. I desire to "hunger and thirst for righteousness" and to learn more of the Bible.

Blessed are those who hunger write through the Bible.png

I was asked last year for a plan to write out the Sermon on The Mount (Matthew 5-7), I've broken it down to a few verses a day for 30 days. This gives you one grace day if you do it in January! Writing out scripture is always fruitful for me, it allows me to think on passages longer that I would quickly read.

I want to encourage you to try this out too. It takes just a few minutes to write down these passages. I want to challenge you to allow them to burn in your heart all day long. Print out the page below, or save it to your phone for easy access and write through these few Chapters of Matthew with me!

If only for a season

I haven't been sleeping well lately. I've been through periods of life where I sleep horrible, my brain doesn't shut off but my body is tired. That's how it's been for the past few weeks. By the end of the day my body is dragging and I'm longing for a good nights sleep, but it seems to never come. In spite of this, this past week I've decided to counter the lack of sleep by getting out of bed (still exhausted) to spend time with God. Even though I'm tired I've found joy in sitting on my couch in the peaceful quiet of my house and spending time with God. Nothing routine. Just sitting in the quiet, reading my Bible, praying and writing. These are times that I have begun to long for.

Those that know me personally are aware that I'm in a time of change. But more so in a period of waiting. I know that change will come soon enough, but God has given me a sense of peace about everything. In the middle of the busy and the tired he has pushed me to be still and listen.

2 years later

As I sit here writing this I cannot believe that we have been here for 2 years. It's difficult to think about all of those moments we missed with friends and family over the past 2 years. It's crazy to look back and remember how tiny our boys were.
I still remember the last day. I bravely stood beside my husband at our church as they prayed over us and this journey we are on. I remember the final goodbye at In-n-Out with friends and family. I remember driving out of town crying over all of the people that I invested in and that invested in me over the past years. I remember the excitement and fear that was packed into our car along with everything else we owned.

 January 4, 2015

January 4, 2015

But what would have happened if we had never came? I wouldn't have met many amazing people that now are really good friends. I wouldn't have suffered in ways that God wanted to take me through. I wouldn't have this story to share to tell of His wonderful work.

Currently John is the lead Pastor at our Church. (That is a story that I plan on sharing more of this next year.) John is continuing to take full load classes at SEBTS, as well as continue his music outlet with a local band. He's able to play worship sets and even do camps. 

A year ago today we began homeschooling the boys. An adventure that we knew was coming, but didn't expect to be nearly as difficult (or rewarding) as it has been. The transition has been more difficult as the relentless responsibility of teaching, driving, correcting, encouraging has all landed on us as parents. Slowly and after many changes we are beginning to see what is working for our family.

PaperFromHeaven is still one of our main sources of income, as well as FabricFromHeaven. Both keep me busy and give me a creative outlet. Balancing everything that I do is the most difficult.

What's next? I don't know. Some days we're certain school is over in 2 more years, and some days it looks more like 4. Some days I just don't even want to think about it and instead live in the ignorance of real life. My inner human longs to settle, but my adventurous being says "this isn't it, there is so much more that God has planned, hurry lets finish here and move on to what's next". I have to remind myself that even the trees have to grow from season to season. They cannot product fruit season after season without the growing phase. 

Would you continue to pray for us as we endure this life, as we sacrificially give all of our everything to be here to learn to serve God better?


2017: A New Beginning - Write through the Bible

I want to try something different this month.
This month I want to encourage you to read a chapter of Proverbs every day. Then write out 1-2 verses that speak to you. It'll be different for everyone, but it's something that God is impressing on your heart.

Here's to a new beginning! Lets start fresh. I tell my boys every morning, if you missed yesterday just keep going, start today. Start fresh. Don't try to catch up because that will burn you out. Start fresh today, because ya know what? HIS mercies are new every morning.

I want to challenge you to spend a few more minutes meditating on the Word of God each day. Add something to your quiet time, change something up. Each month I am going to post a theme of passages or a book that I will be writing through. I want to invite you to write through the Bible with me as well.